Creative event design, tech, and production solutions that you can rely on, time and time again.

From theatrical performances to large-scale music festivals M3 is here to help facilitate your event.


Founded in 2007, M3 Productions has evolved, grown and honed their talents in order to deliver a wide range of events and performances across the UK and beyond.


Originally operating from a small industrial unit in central Southampton, we are now based in our own complex in the New Forest, comprising of a design studio, equipment warehouse and scenic workshop, all under one roof. 


Teamwork is what makes M3 stand out from the rest. We are extremely proud to have a fantastic team of talented creatives that work around the clock enabling projects to come to life.


We have a small core team but a large network of creative professionals. This allows us to keep our outgoings low and to provide our clients with the right staff with the specific skillsets required for each project.


Over the years, we have focused on increasing our creativity, fine-tuning our talents, and growing our equipment pool to make our clients’ dreams to become a reality.


Put us together in a room and we can make the magic of theatre come alive!

Meet the Team


Production Manager

“My passion for theatre started at a young age. I found my love of technical theatre whilst at secondary school. While most of my classmates were auditioning to perform on stage, I was busy designing the latest ambitious lighting rig! I’m very proud of M3; its continued growth is a testament to the incredible team that I work alongside. I love a challenge, and will always offer a hands-on approach to each job.”


Lead Designer

“Often some of the first shows you see as a child stick the most vividly in your memory. For me, the way in which a scene could change right in front of your eyes seemed like magic. Growing up, I would take any opportunity to get involved locally with productions, learning along the way what worked, and what didn’t!”



Project Manager

“Being able to collectively create and produce a live event or piece of theatre which is then loved and admired by an audience is the best part about my job. I love being part of such a hardworking team, pushing the boundaries of what theatre can be, and enjoy seeing all of our commitment and skills come together to produce a creative and unique event”.


Want to join the team?


We currently have a network of over one hundred creative professionals. Get in touch with a copy of your CV if you would like to be added to the list!