Bright, bold and immersive custom-themed scenic design for one of the biggest music festivals in the country.

The Brief

M3 was tasked with designing a series of themed food stalls that would suit the crazy world of Boomtown; a popular UK-based festivalĀ of music, theatre, escapism, community and creativity.

The brief for the festival food stalls is that they must stand out, attracting festival-goers from across the site; are able to stand up to the elements of the great British summertime; hold a large catering kitchen, and have the ability to cater to thousands of people a day.


The Solution

It was essential that all stalls complied with strict food hygiene regulations. For this reason, each stall was built on a raised floor foundation. This allowed each stall to be levelled and a hygienic catering floor to be laid under the floor preparation units.


A catering kitchen was placed at the rear of each stall, sited next to a trailer fridge and dry food storage marquee. Power from site generators was distributed between the catering equipment.


The stalls themselves were designed to be immersive with many layers of texture and colour. Each stall had a detailed theme which featured many props and scenic elements. The M3 lighting design team added bright neon LED lights and external festoon to each stall, controlled by software allowing each section to flicker or flash in sequence.


The stalls were very well received by the festival organisers and 80,000 strong crowds. Keep your eyes out at 2020 festivals and further events for the quirky designs!

"Designing a series of themed food stalls for Boomtown was an interesting challenge. Whilst we had the freedom to go big and wacky, there was also the challenge of creating something that will stand up to close up scrutiny from festival-goers."

Doug Cairns Designer