AMF 2019

Full production and site management for the family-friendly Alresford Music Festival.

The Brief

In 2018, M3 was approached by the organisers of the Alresford Music Festival. We worked closely with the committee to produce new designs for the tenth anniversary of the event. Impressed with the ambitious designs, the committee awarded us with the contract to provide a complete production and site management solution.


The most important part of the project was working closely with the organisers to produce detailed CAD site plans. The plans were produced in the M3 design studio and included hundreds of details, from the exact positioning of each stage, marquee and trader, to the location of each emergency floodlight and fire extinguisher.


The team attended regular meetings with the organising committee, helping to plan each element of the festival, and providing professional advice and ideas. The production manager worked closely with the traders’ manager to ensure everyone had the correct pitch size and power necessary for the event. 


Our event electrician created plans and load calculations for every electrical outlet on site. M3 provided six, 100kva generators, with a network of distribution boards and cables. Every trader had a cable connection waiting for them on arrival. Each stage had three-phase power supplies and an emergency back up plan was put into place but, thankfully, not required.


Once on-site, the team spent a week, marking the area and ensuring the plans were fulfilled to the highest standard. 

The Results

The festival was a huge success, labelled ‘the best ever’ by many of the organisers and visitors. M3 successfully produced a music festival to be proud of. The team battled against difficult weather conditions but handed the site over on time. The hospitality staff had a great day serving 1000’s of drinks to the visitors, and the event production team provided a slick, professional service on the stages. Bring on 2020!

  • Project Management
  • CAD Drawings
  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Bars and Hospitality Staff
  • Event WIFI
  • Site Power
  • Festoon Site Lighting
  • Custom Advertising Towers
  • Site Management
  • Site Logistics

"M3 worked closely with us for many months to design and deliver a fantastic festival and the team of talented technicians, designers and experts created something very special for us."

Tim Miller Alresford Music Festival