Beauty & The Beast

Overcoming the challenge of building a four-hundred-seater theatre in a field for an impressive theatrical performance.

The Brief

M3 has been working closely with Perins School for over ten years, having transformed the school hall into a theatre on several occasions. Helping to design, facilitate and deliver a wide range of theatrical performances and shows for the school, M3 have helped Perins to build its reputation as a leader in the performing arts.

Combining pure talent with spectacular scenery, lighting, sound and breath-taking backdrops, the school shows have become increasingly elaborate and impressive year on year. As the production values have increased, so has the demand for tickets.

With the challenge of a cramped and hot school hall, only able to seat 140, M3 was tasked with finding an improved venue for its next show ‘Beauty and the Beast’. 

The Design

M3 designed a performance site that featured an enormous 45-meter big top marquee on the school’s lower field. We fenced the field, securing the boundary and allowing access for vehicles and crew during school hours.

We worked hard to divide the  marquee space we had created into four unique spaces:

The Stage: A 14m wide stage, sitting between the two main truss towers of the marquee. 

The Auditorium: A large, tiered seating bank with the ability to hold over 400 guests.

The Foyer: A spacious and welcoming entrance space, featuring a custom drink and snack bar.

Backstage: A practical and highly-functional space, large enough to hold the 30-strong orchestra and costume department.

To complete the venue, M3 added toilets, dressing room marquees, external festoon lighting, and a ticket office. A detailed power plan was installed throughout the site, using temporary generators to power the complex and expansive venue.

Once the site essentials were in place and the venue was built, it was time for M3 to add the magic…

M3 installed a show floor, which included hidden tracks for winched scenery. The enormous set featured numerous trucks that seamlessly glided on and off stage and could also spin on cue. We also added a large rigging truss above the stage, home to a professional lighting rig, sound system, and hidden pyrotechnic effects.

The Result

A sell-out show!

With the help of the M3’s promotional video and ticketing website, the school sold over 2,400 tickets for the production.

Audiences loved the productions and the reviews were outstanding. Another job well done.

Continuing our ongoing working relationship with the school, M3 has since been commissioned to design and produce Perins’ latest production; ‘West Side Story’.

  • Big Top Marquee
  • Lighting & Sound
  • Staging
  • Scenery Package
  • Project Management
  • Stage Management
  • CAD Designs & Drawings
  • AV & Projection
  • Promotional Video
  • Custom Ticketing Website
  • Toilet Hire
  • Fencing Hire
  • Generators & Power Distribution
  • Bars & Hospitality
  • Temporary Dressing Rooms
  • Pyrotechnics

We have been working with M3 Productions for over ten years now. Year on year, they raise the bar of our school productions, transforming our performance space and creating a production that the students will remember forever. The M3 team are not only highly creative, but they are also fantastic at working with the students. We couldn't ask for more from a company, I can't recommend them enough!

Marilitsa Rait Director